(Opinion) Dead Cells game

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite action-platformer. You'll be investigated a sprawling, ever-changing castle... assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D spirits lite combat. (Steam)

Dead cells is created by developer Motion Twin who is a seriously workers cooperative that's been making games in France since 2001. In the Early Access there is a system in the game called Streaming Mode, so basically it's a Streaming integration for those who have a stream account and have various features to engage with the viewers.

So there will be selected viewer who volunteer and will be randomly selected, They will be in charge of your health and also send message to be appeared from above the chicken they controlled. So it's interesting that this game provide for some streamer who is out there playing this game and also some kinda promote the game and play it to be interactive with the viewers of those supposedly streamer.

The viewers can also be selected random as a Boss and able to launch special attack, viewers can also choose modifiers for the next level to be a good or bad. There are many others configure but the cool thing is you can deactivate this configure in the Streaming Mode so that you can choose what you want for your playing environment while streaming.

The game has a lot of features to explore and many items or weapons and spells, you can select and pick across playing. There are times that you will meet a merchant that sell this kind of things, but you can opt to skip it if it does not meet your needs.

There are many chances with abilities to access to many paths and secret rooms that you can run around a bit. After a few rounds of exploring you can get more general upgrades in the certain room to permanently upgrade maybe your health potion or weapons and perhaps other upgrades that appears after you upgrade certain upgrades such as gold reserves appears after upgrading your health potion.

Some weapon needs to be rethought because if you meet an enemy that is fast (enough) that your axe then you will be having a lot of trouble to eliminate them before they eventually kill you. So be wise, bow is good for range attack but it's better to have a heavy weapon and a light oned to be able to attack slow and fast enemy depends on the circumstances.

There are some traps that can hurt or damage you along your way, but there is also traps that you can deploy to the enemy and don't be far away from enemy for the traps be effective.

It has a lot of features such as exploration of an interconnected world, fair combat with more than fifty weapons and spells, special permanent abilities allow accessing new paths, secret rooms, hidden passages, and many more.

Dead cells will have early access on august 7th 2018, so overall it's a very great platform game that will be available on steam, you can check the game here DEAD CELLS.

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