(Opinion) To the Moon on Steam

To the Moon on Steam

A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man's memories to artificially fulfill his last wish. (Steam)

Although the game is not new but the overhelmingly positive review prove that this game is an all time good game to play. And the rumor says that this game has a good story, At the beginning of the game there will be an awesome music of piano that after a while it shows a girl playing a piano in the house.

And then the crash is happening, I mean not the game but a car accident outside the house, well maybe a bit far from the house. The game is using RPGMaker system, and develop by Freebird Games.

After a few arguments from two doctor that crash the car, I grab the equipment from the car and trying to maybe find a help. On the way there will be some obstacle and some instructions to deal with it so don't try skip often.

At last finding the house is easy part, and new part of game is continued. So this game is about RPG game that has a good story, a nice graphics, and ofcourse a great gameplay. The game is a must play for anyone who likes rpg and stories, even now there are going to be animated movies about it. It's that good that this game? Well you can play it yourself if you interested go HERE.