(Opinion) Why an indie game Stardew Valley get a lot of success

Inheriting a grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley, Wow that's cool, Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life, Okay I am ready....

Stardew Valley is an Indie Farming Simulation RPG game developed by Eric Barone “Concerned Ape” and published by Chucklefish.

Why did an indie game like Stardew Valley get a success in the game market, sometimes people ask that many questions in their head, also perhaps many people in marketing industries ask that as well.

Well the answer to that question is simple, because the game is for its worth are very interested in many Gamers around the world. I mean look at the game itself it has fulfilled one of the basic needs that game players want which is an RPG with freedom to choose what they want on the first time or the first day they play.

And then the second day and so on, the freedom for the RPG play is great, that's why Stardew Valley is so interested.

And what about the second and the third and the other answer, well that's a secret, I mean by now only the developer of the game knows the answers to that.

So now the Stardew Valley multiplayer has been added, so they add an interesting add on to the game for free, so you can just downloaded it, and it amazes me that a game that has another feature on it and it is free. Well I just hope that it's only this time, because what value that would be if they can just sell it again as an addition.

It's got a lot of success, it's got the attention of all Gamers, and I hope it will become an interest in all the indie developer to create more games with capturing the heart of all or at least many Gamers around the world.

You can get the game here STARDEW VALLEY

And don't forget to see the wiki here psstt it's the Official Wiki of Stardew Valley.