(Opinion)This is the Police 2 game

How do you interpret the law, this game gives you a bunch of decisions making. You will be running the Sherrif's Department, and trying to deal with your cops, settling on intense choices and endeavor to keep out of jail yourself.(Steam)

In this story driven game blend of experience full mix of adventure, strategy and turn-based tactical combat, was started by the morning in the police department received anonymous call and it will begin it first like tutorial scene where you will be dealing with a drug gang that arrived in the town.

For those who already playing the first game knows that the game is played with how to strategies your movement and how to take action in certain situations. Such as trying to find cover so that your movement will be almost undetected by the enemy, and not trying to alarm the enemy.

The intense for playing this game is quite real, because you have to be more careful in dispatching your officers, and do anything you can do to keep to numbers of your officers and not trying to lose any officers because that would be bad for the long term of your playing strategy.

New perks include new gears and new cops contract in which you have to analyze carefully. Some action can only be performed in certain direction from an object so you should remember this. Any action that you use will have a certain probability for that action to be success.

So overall It has great story and many dialogs, many intriguing missions and also sub-stories. This is the Police 2 is an awesome sequel from its predecessor in 2016.
So if you interested, you can check the game here This is the Police 2.