Beatdown Dungeon on itch

(Opinion) Beatdown Dungeon

The Action game is developed by Phil Airdash, and still under development, so certain aspect might change. The genre of the game is Action and Fighting, a 2D game that also support local multiplayer, since last year game demo, Beatdown Dungeon has finally reached open beta.

This game is a hybrid dungeon crawler, RPG, and 2d fighting games. You can travel randomly into the generated dungeons, from there you will be fighting all monsters and find treasure.

There will be six playable characters that you can customize and adjust your character's play style with plenty of badges and many of helpers that can aid you in your battles.

The feature on the game is now complete, with all playable characters and dungeons. If you're interested with fighting game, action RPG, or Dungeon crawlers, you can download the game here, Beatdown Dungeon.