Blazing Core (beta) on Steam

(Opinion) Blazing Core (beta)

There is a new Mech game on the steam, Blazing Core is in beta, the game is a team centric of tactical shooter, it features Mech knights, where you will be playing your Mech according what your style is, and combine with your ability and your teammates, try to use various means and tactics to fight giant battle Mechs.

The game Blazing Core is a multiplayer and a customize features, its released beta at 7 Sep 2018 and created by OctoBox Interactive.

One of the features that says that your skills at combine the characters abilities at more effective is more important than your reflexes, but I think a bunch of players will be saying there is no reflex in the Mech, well because its in the beta stage maybe there is more potential for the game later.

The Blazing Core Free to play, so if you interested to try the game go here, Blazing Core (beta)