Cadria Item Shop Free to Play on Steam

(Opinion) Cadria Item Shop Free to Play on Steam

Cadria Item Shop is a rich story of simulation business games. In the tranquil town of Green Pine, the player will be the owner of a item shop, creating all kinds of equipment and items for the adventurers, and earning coins by selling goods and completing orders, gradually expanding and developing their own shops and helping to rebuild their hometown.

The game had Partial English Support Added

It means that they added "minimal interface localization" English support to Cadria Item Shop. You can switch the language settings to English from the Options menu (it's in the upper-right corner of the game screen).

When Cadria Item Shop was released on steam, it only supports Simplified/Traditional Chinese, but then many non-Chinese players have joined the game and the dev team seriously think that it's their duty to improve the players experience so the English localization is on the way.

You can see more info Here. Cadria Item Shop is Free to Play.