CrossCode on Steam

(Opinion) CrossCode

CrossCode with its Overwhelmingly positive review by game community or simple by saying the people, reach a tremendous praise for the game when release at 21 September 2018, Developed by Radical Fish Games, but Published By several publishers such as Deck13, WhisperGames, DANGEN Entertainment, Mayflower Entertainment.

The Action RPG retro 2d inspired might be a surprise for you, because this game combines 16-bit SNES-style graphics with a super smooth physics, and accompany by a fast paced combat system, puzzle system, and a great sci-fi story that makes the games being more interested in for gamer who love 2d retro games.

Whenever you try to battle your enemies, you will try to outpace them striking at their weaknesses and also try to choose your equipment to the level that will one step ahead when fighting enemies and strengthen your use of skill.

For those who can't wait to play the game just go to the page here, CrossCode