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(Opinion) Crystalline

Crystalline is a visual novel game that contains anime, adventure, role playing and also a dating simulation theme. The game was developed by PixelFade Inc, and released on 22 august 2018.

With a choice, you as a protagonist suddenly out of nowhere are transported to Terra, this place called Terra is a fantasy world that most of it was powered by magical crystals and probably you will be trapped here forever.

Not in his mind trying to digest this, suddenly he met into Leanna the mage knight who is investigating about concentrated energy in the surrounding area. When suddenly Leanna figures out that the energy is radiating from you as the protagonist.

Together you and Leanna will learn about how you get here and try to find most simple way trying to get you back home. But eventually there is more than just a simple plan.

With Crystalline there is a very numerous choice that you can choose, the game is almost about comedy, fantasy, adventure, and romance that in every system it brings a joy to your play.

Your plans and decisions will take shape about all of your relationship, and many of your party member will tell you over time about how they feel about you, eventually will make a romance relation or not it will be up to you.

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