DareSora Tears for an Unknown Sky on Steam

(Opinion) DareSora: Tears for an Unknown Sky

“We know of no creature more selfish than humans”, that words alone described how vicious the plot of the story later in this volume one of DareSora, because with these words will make you think about how far later you would go if your soul was on the line?

The game has been released at 31 August 2018 and the developer is ANAGRAM, and published by Sol Press. The visual novel game is both anime and adventure 2D game that is surprisingly in its special promotion that ends 22 September, are rather cheap. Of course this is only volume 1 released but considering the good anime quality is already a great buy of this game.

In DareSora Volume 1 You will be playing as Haruka Tendou that in the beginning looked at sky and made two wishes. The first one, he wanted to know the truth, And the second, he wanted someone come back. Then Luna as the ruler of Eclipse is the only powerful one that can bring his wishes that was filled with grief.

But all of that has a price, first his soul is hanging in the balance, and he must complete the oracles that she demanded from him. In this tale of visual novel of mystery and chance, you as Haruka Tendou has to made up your mind, this game tale the war between Haruka and Luna, and nobody will know how lonely and tears that Haruka had felt.

If you interested in the game, DareSora: Tears for an Unknown Sky.