Deep Sky Derelicts on steam

(Opinion) Deep Sky Derelicts

This tactical rogue-like game is developed by Snowhound Games and published by 1C Company, the indie game was released at 26 September 2018.

Popular by its recent reviews, the game was a combination of RPG and a turn based strategy, with rogue like elements and tactical card combat. Plus the comic look on this game, you can explore alien ships, fighting and looting in a world of comic book style.

It began when mankind has scattered across universe or galaxy, the society was split into two classes, the poor stateless and live from scraps of alien stations and the privileged citizen who lives on the surface of a habitat able planet.

Although you don't enjoy the air, water and food that the privileged citizen have, you can dream your way into becoming one. You will build and try to control a squad up to three mercenary characters and explore ships that was within your reach from the base.

Search for loot and clues, and come across many friends and traders as well as enemies and gain the opportunity to level up your mercenaries to support them in missions.

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