Figment on Steam Games

(Opinion) Figment on Steam Games

Figment which is released at Sep 2017, are an action-adventure game that was published and developed by Bedtime Digital Games, who also publish Chronology and Back to Bed.

The world in the game set in the recesses of the human mind, in any case it's world of figment. A very strange world that was filled with many of our deep thoughts to process own urge and memories.

At first the mind is very quiet in many years, until one day it changed and now thoughts is getting emerged, and when you adventure in this surreal world the musical action-adventure set in to entertain your play.

Let's join dusty and his friends to adventure through many sides of the mind, and carry on to solving puzzles, beat the creepy nightmare that bothers you and seek what have been lost to restore your courage.

Enjoy the great musical performances while you play this game, because music is the integral part of the mind or figment. Explore more musical when playing in this environment so that whatever you do will influence the dynamic musical in the game.

For more information you can just go here, Figment on Steam Games