Free Steam Key Shadows on the Vatican Act II Wrath Steam Game

Okay long story...
Here it is, I'm trying to get rid a key (sarcasm)
A long time ago i have two keys of Shadows on the Vatican Act II: Wrath Steam Game

One key already in my Steam library game , and.... another one still (maybe) not yet taken,
now why maybe because i am not certain...

So I am going to giveaway one steam key of Shadows on the Vatican Act II: Wrath 
with the following rules..

Just comment below with NEW Disqus , your 10 words of wanting this game, and the winner will be announced 3 days later  9 September 1981, kidding its 2018. Probably at 3pm Bangkok time.

And oh... try to login with disqus so i can email to the winner..


Me! Me! I want this game! Oh wait I already have this on my Steam Library! Oh wait I am the one who post this giveaway !!. :)