Frozen Synapse 2 on Steam Games

(Opinion) Frozen Synapse 2

Frozen Synapse 2 is created by Mode 7, and released at 13 September 2018. The game is a sequel to the Award-winning turn-based tactical game, it brings a classic tactic game play to the screen.

In the single player, You can defend the city of Markov Geist and being tasked to against multiple threats that was from within and outside. You can set up your bases and deploy forces entering and engage any target on the map.

Whenever you are ready to take control, camera angle with help you monitor your units, in which you can make plans to bring the potential of your units solving the task in hand.

The City itself is not a rock, its like living itself to sustain the many controlled AI that make them self more in control and try to run their business in perfect sync as no one to be dared upon them.

Some function in this game includes how you can collaborate or robbing banks, even to betray or assassinate politic leaders and other diplomatic that puts you as a decision maker.

You will meet factions such as Diamond Brothers or maybe the infamous hacker collective GUEST as you come into the landscape of politics. You will try to investigate a mysterious force that tries to enter the city, while you were trying to build your own base and gain power in this world.

The Multiplayer feature comes from the original game as also there are new ways to overcome your opponents, also more features that you can see more about this game here, Frozen Synapse 2 on Steam.