Hero of the Kingdom III on Steam

(Opinion)Hero of the Kingdom III on Steam

Your uncle raised you as a skilled hunter. Your peaceful life was interrupted by an ancient evil shattering the whole kingdom. Monsters climbed out of holes and innocent people died. You must face the great evil. Only your courage will save the kingdom on the brink of destruction.

Lonely Troops release the third Hero of the Kingdom or Hero of the Kingdom III on steam 30 August 2018, The game is available to be enjoyed right now, now the game is about You play and travel through the four valley trying to save a kingdom from the ancient evil.

You will be exploring the beautiful country and helping people with their many interesting quests, gear yourself to fight many monsters and advance your skills. Try to find as many as possible many hidden items that is useful for your path in saving the kingdom, and stopping the ancient evil to destroy the whole kingdom.

Hero of the Kingdom is the eighth game that was developed by Lonely Troops, it was in development started at August 2015 with simple goal such as to improve series in many aspects like brand-new and unique story, enhanced gameplay with more role-playing elements, more detailed graphics and animations. The game finished in July 2018 and released the next month. It presents a new quality level comparison with the two previous Hero of the Kingdom games.

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