INSOMNIA The Ark on steam

(Opinion) INSOMNIA: The Ark

INSOMNIA is a dystopia which is in a diesel punk SCIFI RPG setting that was about the slowly degrading remnants which takes place in a semi-deserted space metropolis called Object 6.

The game, focus heavily on non-linear plot in an open world, you can develop your character and try to explore handcrafted locations, interact with npc, factions and survive from the brutal world.

In the Object 6, the colossal space metropolis or space station was set on a dismal 400-year journey in search of a new home or probably another name would be called a habitable planet, in search for the hope of humankind.

Your character awakes from deep sleep that they called it cryogenic, lots of exploration will be maybe the main theme but it is dangerous and also rewarding, survive hunger, thirst, fatigue will your everyday crisis.

Try to locate as many valuable resources and technology in over 70 unique locations, and pay attention to unexpected quests from any characters that you find on your way as well as enemies that tries to kill you.

More about the game or information of it here, INSOMNIA: The Ark.