Just One Line on Steam

(Opinion) Just One Line

The game was developed and published by JOL Studios, it was released at 13 September 2018. The fantasy RPG indie gamebook-like was created in focus heavily on choices and their consequences for which you may compete with other players in an interactive leader board.

You can create different adventurers with their races and backgrounds and go on a variety epic quests, for each adventurer will have their progress increase in renown and also in relation with the factions of the kingdom. Which in turn will unlock newer races and backgrounds for your next play.

Although the game is a text-adventure 2.0, anyone who likes a fantasy RPGs or books should try this game. The game has choices to pick, endless game experience, a great story, a fancy toon graphics and a nice OST along your game play.

If you interested to see more about it, Just One Line on Steam.