Lynne on steam

(Opinion) Lynne

This game is about a fifteen-year-old Lynn who is scared about being a teenager in this world. Lynn never had the easiest life, but that all turns worse when her upcoming GCSEs and her parents are in constant argue, her big sister are pregnant and Lynn is terrified when the exam time came, she will fail everything and disappointed her family.

It's a typical teenage worries, which is normal because I myself had that worries before. But as the game progress, more matters become worse, You play as the protagonist Lynn will have recurring bad dreams that is kinda like puzzle and often violent.

More curious about it, the dream somehow revolve around a girl from her school who is called Lynne, which said to be similar to Lynn. Okay that was creepy, well the game indeed was a Visual Novel, Horror kinda type.

The game is developed by ebi-hime and free to play right now on steam, so if you want to go to page here, Lynne.