Mad Crown on steam

(Opinion) Mad Crown

This rogue like RPG game, was set in a post apocalyptic diesel punk world, you will be playing mainly as an explorer that is in the quest of searching the legendary crown.

Developed by S-Game, Mad Crown had dungeon crawling genre that generate dungeons in the mutated world. The story was the world is destroyed by nuclear weapons, and it awoke god like leviathan and created epic battle that make the surface planet devastated.

The rumors said that there is an existence of the Mad Crown, powerful artifact that can hold untold power or greatest power that can rival the gods that emerge. And so like everyone else you also try to find it.

It has many features such as, penalties if player death, tough boss battles, some inventory management and survival mechanics. Accompany by vivid art style and scored soundtrack, you will also be able to play 10 available characters.

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