Mai-Chan Sweet Buns

(Opinion) The Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns is a browser puzzle game that was about pastries. The goal in the game was to help Mai-Chan to serve many of her customers at her bakery with persistent and correct orders.

The four cards that shown at the bottom of the game screen represent the orders that the customers wants. Each of them wants a specific number of a single type of pastry, it's your task to find and select the line of pastries to matches one of the cards.

You can select vertical or horizontal lines, and to do this by clicking Z, or N, or C, you turn cursor to select the lines. And after the lines matches with the one of the cards select X, or M, or V to confirm it.

There are simple orders that was easy to satisfy, such as x1 orders, but there are others that is required to set up, such as x3 orders, try to strategies the upcoming pastry and the future possible lines of the next orders that you may have to finish the order.

And if you ever get yourself stuck, you can choose the magical Star Box to activate special powers such as Nom - removing a single pastry from the board, Table Flip - shuffle back all the order cards into the deck and draw new orders, Diet - Change the number on an order card to X1.

What are you waiting for, you can play this free on itch, go here to play it Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns.