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(Opinion) Megaquarium

Megaquarium is strategy game that has building and management simulation, the indie game was released today 13 September 2018, and developed by Twice Circled the creator of Big Pharma.

The cool brand-new simulation Megaquarium follow footsteps of classic theme park management or as you all know it as tycoon games, and its involve around aquatic or aquarium environment.

You will start the simulation with just a few tanks and some of basic livestock, and from there you can grow your aquarium to a pace that can be crowded with hundreds guest and plenty staff to take care the unique environment that take place.

Design yourself the exhibits with more than hundreds of different marine species such as fish, corals, jellyfish and others. Pick as many and as you like in the different choices along the design and decorated tanks.

Make the staff do the right job is depends on how you choose your staff based on their skills and potentials, grow your staff with training to become the multi-disciplined staff or the super-focused expert, choose wisely for your aquarium.

Researching and managing your finance is also a must notice for the future development of your aquarium that test your management skills, and there are also many more features.

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