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(Opinion) Metanormal

Metanormal is created by Melancholic Nights Studio, and released at 13 September 2018, the game is a supernatural visual novel with a sense of bullet-hell and RPG in it, if you are a dodge bullet fan you might like it.

The story in the game that some unknown phenomenon, spirits in the world are growing, that's right growing, they somehow evolve stronger and been unable to move on into the other side or the afterlife.

They become a restless spirit that trapped in Spirit Realm and now got out then tries to destroy the Human Realm, you will become the protagonist Desmond Gates that had the ability to interact with the spirits.

Can you gain the favor of the spirits and restore the order in the Human Realm, the game concept is simple, the goal was to deplete the enemy's health bar before they get to you, as you might know it as game over.

You attack by staying on top of the white bordered object, or just tries to be with the circle, stay with it as long as you can and then the hp or health of the enemy will be reduced or as simple saying damage-damage.

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-If you enjoy this game or demo, please consider backing them on their upcoming Kickstarter (coming soon) check their website for it Metanormal.