Multibombers on Steam

(Opinion) Multibombers

The game is created based off the great game called Bomberman, probably you will know the name if you had played it long time ago, Its developed in 1983. The game Multibombers take the concept by using a perspective new unique first-person mode, and with the ideal feature multiplayer you and your other three friends can have a lot of fun playing this.

Multibombers is Free to play, and currently in the early access, but you can pay it fine, and constantly being in work of adding its new feature, and polishing the old ones.

Release at 23 September 2018, and developed by Pig's Indie Games, the game have several features, such as a fledged out power up system with luck algorithm, multiplayer of course to play with friends or across the world, a great destructive needs of its explosive system, a lot of achievements and stat-track to keep it competitive to get more fun.

Grab yourself Multibombers and play it immediately to sense how fun it is.