Never Split the Party on Steam

(Opinion) Never Split the Party

Never Split the Party is like a social ultra rogue-like, Created by Legend Studio You will be one of the 4 Adventurers that band together to get perhaps a combo skill power up of cooperation which explore the dungeon.

From the dungeon you can get to amass powerful upgrades and conquer the evil boss that was deep in the dungeon. With cooperation, you will be backing each other backs and explore the mega dungeon which has difficult floors.

With over 425 unique dungeon rooms that are many wide variety of dangerous enemies that you can destroy and dodge every hazard that come to split your party.

Whenever you can, try to revive your party member who is knocked down, with their help, the four of you will try to enter the epic dungeon to take down the evil vampire “The Countess”.

Each player will have a role and a character class, The Cartographer can track dungeon maps, The Treasurer can track each players inventory, The Vitalist can track each player's health, The Loremaster can track all knowledge of the upgrades.

These four unique roles and characters class is vital for you and your friends journey in the dungeon.

The game is free to play on Steam, for more information you can check Never Split the Party.