Nono magic general shop on steam

(Opinion) Nono's magic general shop

The game is a collecting tycoon game, you will be playing as antagonist "Nono", a cheerful 16-year old girl who is trying to be helpful for grandma at the magic general shop grandma's.

Developed by Inu to Neko and published by Starship Studio, release at 29 September 2018, you will be a great help for Nono to run the business, you will be able to develop all kinds of products, and reach the ultimate goal, which is become the most No.1 popular magic general shop in town.

There are more than 300 products you can use in this game, try to assign different attributes to each of them. Of course there are customer groups that you need to watch out for, its divided into 8 groups base on their age, gender and wealth.

Adjust your strategy to attract more customers to your magic general shop and the success will be yours in no time!. Is there an enemy? Yes, there are other shops that can be your friends or enemies, you will be depended on battling in Sales and other than business, you can also recruit explorers to make exploration team and search places, defeat monsters, and collect materials for your products.

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