One Last Crane - Prologue

(Opinion) One Last Crane - Prologue is a visual novel game that was centered about a young boy named Yuuki Murakami who is cruel enough being like sentenced to death possess a brain tumor.

After a long battle and years of treatment without any positive result, Yuuki finally comes to embrace his fate and want to fulfill his final wish.

The simple wish that Yuuki wants is only to finally return to his hometown that was also a place where his childhood friend lives, Saki Nishimura. His promise to meet again with the childhood friend, he wants to fulfill it too. But, as usual even this promise its not easy for him.

Because Saki no longer lives where she used to be, and not even the people in his hometown knows where she goes.This time with his adopted little sister, Mary, and another neighbor who is a bit tomboyish, Chihiro, Yuuki keeps on searching for the girl, and bump into Asuka Fujimoto, a girl who is popular among the students in the school, who also happens to look alike Saki his childhood friend.

Constantly Yuuki tries to doubt Asuka really is Saki, but Asuka give him a cold shoulder and not admits that she's Saki, Is she a different person, or maybe there is another reason.
Yuuki who wanted whatever to go trying to find Saki, even it's another person who is just a look like Saki.

Try to grab this game, the plot is thickened and good, Its Free to Play when I browse the game on steam, but in its app web page still in Coming Soon, the item not yet available.

The released date was supposed to be at 21 September 2018, but keep calm, I'll give news when the game released. Here's the app web page One Last Crane - Prologue