One Shot on Itch

(Opinion) One Shot on Itch

One Shot was released at 17 March 2018, it was announced as a 2D pixel art videogame made by onbox GAMES, who is a one person company, @xrobergmz. The game is released as windows game.

One Shot is being build as a game with the idea of making a detective like videogame for the No Shit Sherlock Jam, The maker of this game is making a concept of You as playing a man who's wife was murdered and decided to search the killer and taking revenge when you buy a gun with only one bullet.

The real killer is unclear, because when you play this game everyone is suspicious, and the fact that no traditional like detective games where you can find more clues and lead to the killer, this game kinda make you guess who the right killer.

In the end, you have to be more careful when trying to communicate with a certain character in the game, if they feel threatened maybe they will give information or maybe they will just keep quiet because they are afraid of you. That's why every move make some consequences that you will need to take in order to find who kills your wife.

The game is now 100% off sale on itch until maybe 2nd october, so if you interested go here, One Shot on Itch. Please consider supporting the developer of One Shot, pay with what you think is fair.