Prodigy Tactics on steam


Prodigy Tactics is a tactical, turn-based strategy game that features a range of characters with a unique abilities that was on a mission to restore peace in the fantastic world of Thasys.

Developed by Hanakai Studio and Published by Forever Entertainment S. A., Play, the game that was released 28 September 2018, tells a story about many races who only rely on something called Mana to survive.

The magical energy or Mana is now getting scarce, and wars for survival are destroying the land, and when the world is dying, the magical beings also fight for the remaining energy life-giving force.

It is up to you to create a team of heroes, to bring hope for the world, and lead a victory against powerful guardians, and find to awake the legendary creatures that sleep and possess in their hearts the original Mana source that can save Thasys.

More about the game or information of it here, Prodigy Tactics.