Silence in Space - Season One on Steam Games

(Opinion) Silence in Space - Season One

The game Silence in Space - Season One is produced by Gisa Ferreira and published by Glitch Pixel, this Adventure Casual Point & Click game was release at 4 September 2018 and it has Steam Trading Cards.

Silence in Space is a game that its main theme are science and horror, at the beginning you will be playing as Alan Blake, who are a galactic mercenary that was somehow intercepted on his radar that he notice a drifted spaceship at space and then tries to make contact but with so success tries to go aboard it.

He will take the good opportunity to aboard the spaceship and take the best look about what was happening in that ship that was abandon in the space.

When he tries to search the ship, he thought that there is nothing on it but in fact there are many clues and remains that scare him, until he tried to leave the ship and discover what happened.

Because the game is a Casual and Thriller theme, its advice that you consider it as also a puzzle game, because a spaceship in space and lots of happening is bound to be uncovered and the needs of patience is required.

The game is a mature content that is maybe not appropiate for all ages and to be view at work.

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