The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout on Steam

(Opinion) The Lost Legends of Redwall : The Scout

The game that was based on the bestselling Redwall books, The Lost Legends of Redwall : The Scout was released at 15 September 2018, developed and published by Soma Games. It has reviews mostly positive early access, so most probably this game has early access and now in the complete state.

The Indie Adventure game is set at the winter shrouded wilderness that was between Redwall Abbey and Lilygrove, your objective in the game would be to help the Sophia race or Liam from the raiding of rats that was under command of Scumsnout.

It was released as the first episode of “The scout” that was called “Lilygrove” with many coming episodes will come later. The Scout is well thought as a game that is a stealth-adventure game. The mechanics of the game has a scent dynamic system unlike anything seen. This game designed path that imitate scent, and particles reading the wind and simulate realistic currents and pools.

There is a special promotion that runs right now until 22 September 2018, so if you are interested with game, get it right now don't wait for it. Although you maybe want to maybe bookmark it to buy it later but remember that the promotion only last few days. The Lost Legends of Redwall : The Scout