The Tiny Bang Story Free on Steam

(Opinion) The Tiny Bang Story

The game is about Life on a tiny Planet that was calm and carefree, nobody knows about it maybe, but suddenly a great disaster happened, the tiny planet was hit by a great meteor! The planet fell apart and now its future will be in your hand.

You can use plenty of imagination in trying to rebuild the tiny planet, and tries every possible scenario to help the inhabitants to lives, and fix the problem or varieties machines and mechanisms also solving puzzle in every chapter of the game.

Released at 23 April 2011, the game developed and published by Colibri Games, It's a Puzzle and an adventurer game that is fun and friendly to all ages.

The absorbing gaming and gorgeous world that was drawn by hand, and plenty of musical themes will be relaxing you in your game play and have so much fun in it.

The Tiny Bang Story is now gives free permanent copy, but the offers ends Tuesday at 10 AM Pacific time, so don't miss it if you interested in the game.