Timespinner on Steam

(Opinion) Timespinner

The story is about a female protagonist, who is trying to travel back in time and change the fate, which I presume tragic maybe, the story adventure was inspired by classic 90s action-platformers.

You as time keeper Lunais, will be on the quest to take revenge against the empire that killed her family, see I knew it, it's tragic. By using your time-bending powers to explore and adventuring the vast world, but taking revenge on the evil Lachiem Empire is not exactly easy.

On its features you can stop time to evade foes, solving puzzle in the rich story universe. You can make friends with mysterious familiars and training them to be your aided in battle.

Try to find as many hidden areas and treasures that you can find, plenty of secret walls and puzzle awaits you to be taken. You can also invite a second player to play in a local co-op mode.

For more information of the game you can see here, Timespinner.