Wall Street Junior on Steam Games

(Opinion) Wall Street Junior

Wall Street Junior was released 13 September 2018, and created by WSJ Team. The game is about Simulation Economy that needs strategy and a bit of Casual skills.

In the game you are going to interact with the simulation that evaluate model of economy and financial markets, to be successful you need to be aware about your investment and never to miss anything that can make you loss your investment.

You can control your own behavior on the market, as example you can try to buy bunch of stocks and then sells it tomorrow to gain profit or small income to get by or even you can go bonds while receiving payments profit on the long run.

Some investment as well as other invest situation is the same, there are some risk involved. And believe me the risk in this one is great. But Wall Street Junior is developed to be with specific intentions that is making a realistic simulation, so this may be a fun game after all, with no real risk.

Apart from tradings and currencies, your company is also capable of trading on margin, you can also offer loans to ordinary customers or issue fixed-income securities. As long as these ways of raise capital give the ability for you to operate creditors money, you can maximize the full profit of it and beware of the price and interest that comes along it.

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