Whirling Blades on Itch Games

(Opinion) Whirling Blades on Itch Games

Whirling Blades was released at June 2018, the game is a fast paced combat isometric game. The game only uses 2 buttons which is a left click mouse and the right click.

You can use the pause buttons which is p, if you think the pace is not yet adapted or if you want to just pause it for a while. The game items are being used automatically so keep an eye on your apples and blueberries because emptiness is a sign of critical end game.

Whirling Blades is developed by DaFluffyPotato and can be played in windows and linux platform, the Bit pixel art game was made 48 hours for the 3rd Alakajam. Every enemy in the isometric game has multiple unique traits so you have to watch out for them in order to defeat enemies.

You can download the game here and right now its free, Whirling Blades on Itch Games. One reminder you need to unzip the compiled and run “Whirling Blades.exe” to run the game, enjoy.