Zodiac Axis on Itch

(Opinion) Zodiac Axis

When published as a demo on 20 August 2018, Zodiac Axis was created by Studio Theophilus, the game is a mystery visual novel that was based with story pick choices which blends suspense, romance, and The East or The Asian-inspired fantasy elements using charm characters and a great lush world.

Playing as the antagonist Alison Hart, a fresh journalist that was just graduate and employed at the infamous online tabloid, you will be assigned to investigate six people that was rumored to carry the Spirits of the Zodiacs.

You will depend on making choices in the game, there a lot of entertaining ones and experience the full content of 50+ hours of game, set the skill set of alison and make your own fate or uncover the deepest secrets.

Discover city with history and flavored rendered with beautiful hand-painted backgrounds, enhanced with music and enjoying it.

You can download the demo here, Zodiac Axis.

You can also check the official site here: Zodiac Axis.