Assault Spy on Steam

(Opinion) Assault Spy

Developed by Wazen, and Published by NIS America, Inc., The Assault Spy is a dash, smash and evade in your way to crack the truth as a corporate spy, the antagonist named Asaru or played as a reckless CIA agent named Amelia.

As a self-proclaimed elite corporate spy Asaru, you will be hired to a new job that is involved in corporations that was dominating the world. With mission to infiltrate the mega corporation, you will seek the truth.

The key features in this game, include such as a stylish spy action comedy, you can go through with force an army of security robot or save company from terrorists, you can dodge bullets with dash and finish enemies with combo moves, unlock new moves that can be used to chain together an insane combo with finishing moves.

There will be two sides from one story, play as Asaru or Amelia, it will be your choice. More about the game or information of it here, Assault Spy.