Review Acid Nimbus Game

Acid Nimbus is an action free to play indie game that was developed by Hernan Caro Vilaburges and release on steam at 2 October 2018. The game is about managing ammunition, dodge projectiles, charge with bayonet and position on stage strategically to withstand maximum number attacks and getting the highest score in the game. For caution only, the game has mature content such as weapons and some blood.

There is a tutorial on this game, I liked it. So with the selected weapon I can shoot enemies with the left click and I can use a dash with the right click. There is an acid pool to recharge bullets or acid on my weapon, that's a unique way of refilling my weapon,

As usual, there shortcut key such as R to exit level, and G to restart level, make sure not to get this button push when playing or dense feel the consequence.

Expect a swarm of enemies at a bit later, there are three types of the monster at the first area, the ones who coming at you like zombies but fast, another who is shooting a three big balls at you, and the last who shoots a lot of red balls that is dangerous.

The second area is filled with ice which is a bit slippery, there are also three type monsters, a zombie normal like the first area, a snowman who shoots big balls at you, and the last one a wolfman who is coming after you and they are fast when near you.

For every area, there are mission of a certain score to collect before you can access new area and get new weapons.

The game as an overall is a good action game to play, the game is understandable, and it was free to play. Although the game doesn't have a story, but because it was the purpose for action only, the game is a very nice game to play for those who likes action indie game. For more info about this game Acid Nimbus.