Review Fallstreak Game

Fallstreak is a game that was published and developed by Centicerise Productions and being released on 19 October 2018 on Steam, The game is free at the moment; it tells a story about a young girl who enters a dream that seems timeless when she falls asleep.

And somehow the dream connected to the Fire of Collapse, a disaster that happens ten years ago which is a prismatic flame that rained from the sky, and how did it connect to her goal, to escape from the closed world called Socotrine.

Fallstreak are a narrative visual novel that is linear and combines elements of traditional storyline with dark fantasy and psychological thriller. Beware, the game has a mature content such as violent and gore.

It features a lot of writing which is 80,000 word script, thirteen unique character sprites, thirty plus unique backgrounds, twelve event CGs, and twenty-three tracks of original sound track.

At the beginning I will be playing as Adelise a girl who is somehow awaken from asleep in a wrapping world of a golden dream, no matter how you walk in any direction will end up back to the house. Like a dream prison that ends on the house, accompanying me with a tender piano song.

After a while, there will be plenty of strange people which is friendly to the protagonist Adelise and the mystery in this game is a big one to wonder. The game is a nice addition for those who likes visual novel, but there are no choices here because of linear novel but still you can come and try the game, it's free so grab it while you can. Fallstreak on Steam.