Review Forever Home Game

Forever Home is a retro rpg game with adventure and JRPG tag on it, it was developed by Pixel Blade Games and release on steam on 1 November 2017. The game is oriented to a classic inspiration from SNES and PS1 classics. The Action turn-based battle system style and many other features is in all one package of the 30+ hour emotional story game.

At the beginning, it was told that much chaos and war on the past story that hero have experience, so he wondered is there any home to go to. And the story began with me as the hero go down from spaceship on to the planet that the old man called home.

After the protagonist xero and gangs kills the boss, it ends there with xero says that this isn't right, and time goes back to the past, when I will be playing as the young xero at the peaceful town trying my first quest as picking up groceries.

But when I get to the grandmother to get the groceries the one ingredient is missing, and I need to find monster in the south forest to get that missing one, and one thing that you should know if you are not in the map zone or some rock that can save, you cannot save your progress any other way than that.

But the peace is not for long, a crazy general somehow get to the outer skirt of the town and bring weapons that destroyed the town, in which where the protagonist is not in town with his childhood friend. This one is a tragic story, he seems to have these memories from the future or hearing of voices that makes his head dizzy.

He was saved by someone and force to stay together to adventure the world, and I will stop here, try to play this kind of game because the game has a great story, epic open world, and it really bring the classic JRPG come to play at least for me.

The only thing I dislike is the wasd button which my left-hand need to go at that button whenever needed for walking and skills or others is not available for in the system, and you can't access other things when playing in the game, the window mode is not available.

For those who are interested in this kind of game, you can check the game here the game is very affordable remembering how the game is crazily good.
Forever Home on steam.