Review Home game

Home is one of the unique horror adventure that was set in a beautiful pixel world, It was developed by Benjamin Rivers Inc. and being released at June 2012; the game is rated as an awesome narrative game.

At the beginning of the game it advise us to sit and play this game an hour and a half to finish the game, hum I don't know cause I'm not fond in horror specially from a game that makes my heart-rate go up, and it also tell that saving game function will automatically saved at a certain points.

Only remember myself being alone, okay that's already not making me secure, and it was so dark! I gain a flashlight and realise I'm at a house, I can hear my own steps when walking finding the first door that was my first adventure perhaps toward this horrific place.

Okay when entering the door in the hall I found someone dead, and that creepy cat sound is scaring me out! I found a staircase to go down, but noticing that I'm hurt, and apparently there is someone who is waiting for the protagonist to go home, I'm sure wanted to go home. Probably the next door will let me go home? no? why..?

The drizzle and thunder is already making me believe I am lonely and with only flashlight trying to understand where I am and how to get out of here. I mean there are lots of windows, don't know how high the floor is, but that is impossible to get out as it was not a function or a path in this game right?

I find few drinks on the table which show that someone at least two people were here today that is not relieved me at all I mean that one dead person before is one of them right! and where is there other? is he or she the killer? am I with someone who is a killer and I'm stuck in this rotten house or something and I don't understand why, why can't I go jump from the window...

I finally get out from that house, but it suddenly chills me out it's not the house that was dangerous to me, but the whole area so that creeps me out when I find one by one evidence of someone who is a very lunatic person.

Overall the game is a wonderful horror adventure game that is both simple and intense to play, I recommend this game if you like mystery type of game, you can check the game at Home on steam.