Review Overclocked game

Overclocked is an action games that was free to play on steam, it was developed by Magnesium Ninja and released on 10 October 2018. I will be playing as a role of Amber in this game, it will going to be a rhythmic experience and fighting to uncover plot that threatens my home.

The back of the hero's name Amber, it has a nice touch of a story in the beginning a glimpse of what to come perhaps to become a savior. Overclocked is a 2d action scrolling game, and it has some tutorial at the beginning, when I try to use D to skill I thought that it only use down button to skill but in fact it was all direction can go for this skill.

On the section where I have to jump and destroy the enemy in the air and avoiding the laser beam on the surface, I thought it was a new skill but in fact I have to jump skill first and skill hit the enemy in a row in order not to get burn from the laser beam.

I have some quite fun for getting killed trying to go across the laser beam, cause my hand usually letting go quite quickly from the direction button so often, remember not to let go direction button before you get your goal.

There is also a time achievement goal to get in each round so I can try it again and again to get that done. And wow the stage 5 is more much harder for those who still not in control of the game, believe me when I say it is hard suddenly it's like you wanted to challenge it again and again.

That stage 5 is really really Toxic a fit name for the stage, I died at least plenty of time before finally getting out from those hazard traps. The game is great overall; it keeps you wanting to finish the stage cause of its difficulties it makes you sweat the palms on your hands and a bit hurts as well.

Okay, I am done for today, my opinion about Overclocked is a great action game that gives you a thrill to get something done or to end the stage, make sure not hit R because somehow the game restart even if you are still alive playing it, and you know the button E is near the button R so it might get push accidentally. It's a good game and its free so if you are curious get the game right now, Overclocked.