Review Return. Game

Developed by Breadmeat and published by PsychoFLux Entertainment, it was released on steam on 3 August 2018. The game is a side scrolling 2D action platformed with a cute and retro look.

The game is a short platformed where you have to take the lost soul back to its home; it has an easy controls such as arrow keys to move, push Z to jump or confirm, push R to retry, and ESC to quit the game.

At the beginning I tried to understand the game, I thought it was a simple side scroll game, but it isn't; it was involved puzzle along the way. I mean I wanted to go down but was block so I think that button Z to confirm can do something about it, but it was the other way that open that path.

It's not without issue, I came across a stuck when dying and try to restart but still not re-spawn, probably because I died near the cat that was supposed to be my other spawn site.
I like the fact that I can jump three times, maybe because I don't like being stab by a sharp stone or dying because not reaching the small platform that was flying around.

I died mostly because of spike, monsters, and falling to the unknown, the puzzle is simple so don't worry about it. Imagine if you do three or four things just to get across the other side, this game isn't one of those but the difficulty increase. The one thing that also relieve me is this game is slow if the scrolling is fast then I might be stressful playing the game.

Overall, the game is a cute relaxing side scrolling game, it's a short play and a free to play so if anyone interested to play this game check the page Return. on steam.