Review Spin Rush Game

Review Spin Rush Game

Spin Rush is an interesting arcade 2D game where I can collect any dots and any match colors. It was developed by Crohack and was released in 2016; it has steam trading cards and steam achievements.

At the beginning of the game I was given a tutorial, yes my kind of game I mean what would a game be without a tutorial, the game play is simple I can rotate cube left or right by using "A" or "D" keys, and I have to mix dots with color from cube or match color with text, and I can change the cube into hexagon.

It took a few tries before I know what was going on, the speed the ball or the color that drop to the cube is fast for me at least, and I now know that it needs to match either the color or the text that drops to the cube. Thankfully, when level up there is a period of pause, otherwise it's a massive killing of me.

When it changes into a hexagon, oh wow I was a bit panic and ended the game. I think it will take a while for me to get used to hexagon, cause circling that 6 color is a pain. Maybe it's related to my way of gaming, cause I mostly like VN or stuff that was slow to digest.

And I forgot to tell you that sometimes the color or text changes in its midway to the cube, some lines walks by changing it and the result kills me. No matter how the hexagon is like a sudden mega death flag and if it pairs to that suck lines that just passing by, it's interesting how the game works.

I am now at level 5, multiple deaths and my best is only 9 in a row, that's if I don't accidentally get a hexagon and that suck lines, anyway I go try more. Is this game an impossible? I mean I get it about the hexagon but I don't get about the lines that change the color, how its possible to change your movement in time, its like instant death when that lines came.

Overall the game is great for an action puzzle, my best is like 15 only maybe but the tag casual on this game bothers me I mean it's not likely this game is casual. For those who like speed and puzzle and fun this game fits in, so go here to check more stuff on this game. Spin Rush on Steam.