Review Stories The Path of Destinies Game

Stories: The Path of Destinies is an Action-RPG game that was created by Spearhead Games and was released on 12 April 2016, the game tells a story about Reynardo an ex-pirate that was an unintentional hero who is suddenly become the last line of the defense against a mad Emperor and his thousands of ravens or maybe more.

The story begins with a book; it made me feels itchy trying to click new game it made me happy, when it all starts chaos came to the village and somehow a child holding the ancient book who I promise to his mother to look after him and who also ran off, I have to look for him now.

Meets two ravens that wanted the kid, so I had to fight them off luckily I know how to fight! oh another bunch of raven coming towards me! up I fight them. After I finished the ravens, I look for the kid again which suddenly at the other side of a gate, a gate I had to craft a Hero Sword to open it, the kid ran again and I had to make the sword.

From here on I will not go more detailed about the story, because you know this is an adventure game so I will talk about others like the idea about walking or run with a right click mouse is unfamiliar maybe because I play a lot of games with a left click to walk.

Destroying boxes to heal some extra health and get ores not commonly drop. Getting choices to choose is what makes this game more interesting, Which path I choose will determine my destiny in this game, so it's possible to play again with a different path.

The game is a unique choice-based narrated with many paths to choose and explore different storyline you can seek upon and thrive to victory, moreover you will meet with many doors that need a different sword to unlock it and finding more skills and items along the road.

If you like a very adventurous game, try this game and I rated this game a great adventure and the soundtrack with more narrative game. For more information about this game, you can look at Stories: The Path of Destinies on steam.