Review Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord

Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based strategy that was developed by LongYou Game Studio which was released at 27 May 2017. The game was based on a historical novel that was famous, it's a Chinese novel about The Three Kingdom dated around A.D 190-280  and was a tripartite division of China between the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu.

From many people who review the Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is saying that gold is easily spent and in no time could face a crisis in handling every month business on this strategy game. That would be noted, as you can see in the screenshot there is an achievement I can get, that would be a good one because it becomes an extra goal for me in the game.

In the earlier of the start game, I can choose any official date that ranges from A.D 190
to A.D 300, such as Dong Zhou's Rise, Warlords, Battle of Guan Du, The Three Visits, Brotherhood, and Heroes Reunion. From here on I will choose A.D 190 Dong Zhou's Rise, where Liu Bian was enthroned by Dong Zhou as Emperor Shao of Han and Dong Zhou took control of the imperial court.

I will play as Liu Bei one warlord that founded the state of Shu Han in The Three Kingdom. At the beginning in A.D 300, my capital is in Ping Yuan and I only have one city and eight officers, with the rank of Imperial Chief Herald my force power is a rank two out of five which is not bad.

Next, I will choose the options of the difficulty of the game, from easy, normal, hard, and last one the Hill. On the hill, there is a scary effect that is the save function is disabled, but I can save the progress automatically when you exit the game. The other options I can choose are the growth of population and development, the high and low injury chance of the officer, the life spans of the officer, the deeds and growth of officers, and the in-game editing which reminds me of old games of Romance Three Kingdom.

The first thing I saw was the livelihood of the city, there is watchtower, barracks, workshop, farm, college, market and others. From every citizen or any person on the street seems to talk when I click them, but the most important one must be the waiter that stand in front of the tavern with three dots above his head, and when I click him, he always gives me some rumor about free officers that appears in some city.

When I click the tavern or workshop, there seems to be no function, but there is another function that shows under the city which is affairs, personnel, military, diplomacy, strategy, sovereign, info, and menu. Don't bother using the escape button because I can only access the menu from the menu button.

To save money or gold this turn, I only search for people with Liu Bei with the biggest stats connection. Because people or officer is important, with the officer you can select jobs for them so more people meaning more jobs I can complete. That is why when choosing a ruler at the beginning try not to play the one who didn't have officers. And I also research mining which in effect can add gold revenue +5%, but remember that each officer needed to research require stats on them, so I pick carefully not to cause unavailable officer for other jobs.

I set people to be an educator in the college as to teach future children later to develop their stats later. And then I put someone to develop commerce to raise the current numbers in commerce so I can get more gold later. Set a spy and allocate gold to spy entire region of the north, so that my Liu Bei search can expand more on more cities on the north region, and I click the button on the down right section to end my first turn.

Sometimes there are people who wanted to be my officer, in this case, someone named Gong Jing wants to join my force. I can see their stats from the bottom right at the side of the face I let him join me cause I am a good ruler. There may be someone from another ruler that sent their officers to raise relations between me and him, so extra food or gold is welcome, I consider this time to be needed in developing first rather than to go war right or left, so gifts are always welcome.

After the month pass, I will receive this task report that will report any development, or any personnel jobs and diplomacy, also others such as finding an item from the region. It's the second month now, sometimes there is a visit of a doctor to come to the city, when I click them they either give me medicine or can give treatment to any officer who is sick, on the left top side I notice there is still develop and successor symbol that is circled with some flame, showing for me to arrange it somehow. For the developing, I only wanted commerce as the others still not need them.

As for the successors, I can just pick the empty one to refill it and confirm the pick, remember to not use auto because it can change anyone who is already a successor and can upset their loyalty. The research is still going, there is no one to use, so I set to recruit soldiers to add to my 22,500 troops, and that would settle for this month.

Remember that when you recruit soldiers, there is a decrease in support and security, so I keep my eye on the stats on the left top. There are 3 jobs that need to be handled, the wall, watchtower, and canal, these jobs are like an issue that in cities need to be fixed, and just like research some of them need some stats of a certain officer so be careful to pick the wrong one. I can do this by clicking them all one by one, confirm it but cancel it when I select the officer, so I know which job have more officer available.

I pick mineral smelting to increase my gold revenue+8%, I can pick Guan Yu and Zhang Fei but that would be meaning they will not be available for 3 months, it risks for the square job because it needs officer with stat that only Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have, but I do it anyway. Remember that issue that needs to be dealt with should be fast otherwise will create decrease stats on the flood, security, support, and others. I should drill the soldiers that last month recruited but because there are no officers available so that's it this month.

This season I received 2735 gold, so only every season I can add gold to my current gold. If I want to go to war, I can just deploy and then click my city and my target city, there are some who we cannot go war because of infamy and friendly with them. There are auto settings to easily arrange the troops, and if you wondering how to change the supplies food manually, you have to set the type army to bring first.

That's all for today, the game is a fantastic strategy game; I recommend it for those who like strategy turn-based type ones. The last thing to note, my review is my opinion only. You can check the steam page for more information about this game which is in early access. Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord.