Review Cheeky Chooks Game

Develop by Trilum Studios, the game is about building and customized your own farm and explore the option to make it bigger or just take it smaller and enjoy it step by step onto creating the greatest Chooks.

At first the tutorial is important for playing a game, I don't know how many times that some dev are ignoring this, it's like a manual book that gamers love, like and worsh.. okay not really like that but the point is it's an essential and this game has it, so it's a plus.

And I got myself Normal Chook after a while with the tutorial, nice tutorial - the chicken has stats, love stats. When you think that the game freezes or not doing the command, probably because of skipping steps, like the one in the incubators, try to hatch it first if zoom in.

Missions!! Love it, I like it already the game has potential to become a nice simple but motivated game that many gamers such as myself enjoy playing it. Huff, sorry I have to get rid of that bat, it's so annoys me when I was trying to write.

Now, what's the next mission, build 2 small drinkers, build 2 small feeders, build 2 small coops, build 2 incubators, okay a random event just pop up! pumpkins, wow this game is really really nice, that addition of event adding me extra money is just wow.

Hmm, how do I pause the game? okay, another pumpkin event began and my first questions is why can't I get rid of that pesky bats that's targeting my chooks when the event still running, luckily it's over otherwise maybe I'll be missing one chook, that's a minus there, it makes me sweat.

What?! there's a legendary chook, love it!!! that a great addition to the game, why is it outside?? why is it not joining the others? and the pause to stop awhile the game activity is also none exist, it's a minus but considering this is a free game it's worth it.

Okay, I just got the first error maybe when I delay of accepting the pumpkin event and accept it later, anything is not clickable not even the chook now this is an error I believe I can't click any, not even the bat so I tried to save and reload the game, and it's works.

Overall the game is a nice addition to your gaming library, and it's free so it's a great bargain and in no time probably someday the game will have more features like the developer has said in his expectations. Join us in Cheeky Chooks.