Review Fortified Swiss Game

In the Kingdom of Fromage at the region of Swissfurt located in Swissville is the first campaign that Castello must prepare for the coming invasion, it seems that endless war and conflict is inevitable in this continent where divided by three major tribes.

In this game I will be playing as the leader of the mouse clan the knight engineer Castello and try to defend against the hordes of enemies that is going to invade the stronghold and my goal is to stop them and not letting the stronghold fall in to their hands.

At first I will be faced with simple tutorial tasks where I will have to recruit workers, I can do so by left clicking the cheese fort and recruit the miner rat, I can just recruit it once, extra materials in tutorial will not matter.

I can build something, there are varieties that I can build such as Cannon, Wall, and Sharp Gun. They will require some cheese to build so be tactical to build what I want later in battle.

Available to craft any armor or weapon that is good for battling, there is craftable tier that I can craft even when I am in battle, but because the raid is at night, I can choose the daytime to craft the weapon and armor that I want!

I can left click my build to choose to destroy it, if I build it in the wrong place or getting in my way, the other one is to choose to upgrade the build.

Whenever the enemy is fallen, I get an addition numbers of cheese for me to play it around to build another cannon or maybe extra wall to make them difficult to entry to get them in a circle, in hope that my cannon can wipe them off without me personally getting in battle with them.

This is a fantastic RPG tower defence game, if you are interested in this kind of game, you might want to buy it and it even has achievements in steam, the difficulties is great for your playing throughout this lovely game.

Check it Out. Fortified Swiss in Steam.