Review Super Ledgehop Double Laser

In these games you will in a situation where a cute anime girl name Chizuru is being after by thugs and top dudes from the corrupt government, experience the life of Chizuru she is an orphan who for some reason can only see four specific colors.

Help her by finding her bro, who happens to be a senator but careful about the government and use knowledge from rhythm games and bullet games to create a barrage to your enemies.

Develop by LAME Dimension, Super Ledgehop: Double Laser  is about anime character's name Chizuru well that's nice. Wait! a shooting game? okay?! let me play it first! ~ there must be something about this game.

It turns out this 2d game is almost as good as any shooting games out there; I mean there's a plot, an anime, a visually pleasing, and a boss to fight it is perfect. The game is good to be played I recommended it.

The four color that Chizuru experience must be white, black, red and blue? maybe cause I don't see other than that color. You can shoot normal in this game, you can also use full power by pressing space and you can even steal enemies bullets by using the right click mouse.

Sometimes I didn't get to steal the enemies bullets by either I'm using it too early or too late or using it wrong, it could be anything but with time I believe I will get used to it and figure it out. As final comments I believe the games is Cool and have a good hype that it will get attention from steam gamers specially who likes bullets hell and anime so if this is the type of game that interest you go ahead to their steam page and play Super Ledgehop: Double Laser.