Giveaway steam game Rise of Insanity

I will giveaway one steam key Rise of Insanity for one winner and it opens worldwide, the winner will receive one steam key Rise of Insanity. The event will run for 2 weeks.

What is Rise of Insanity?

Rise of Insanity is a game about being a doctor of psychology who is exploring the darkest of human mind, and try overcome the fear in finding the truth of a tragedy that falls onto your family.

For more information you can check here, and also to check if your area can play this game or not.
Next giveaway will be : Secret :) , maybe in next week if i'm free.

Congratulations for the winner of NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics and Minaurs.

Congratulations for the winner roman97*, you can check your email for the key.