Mobile Wars X Review Free Game

Developed by NAPE GAMES and released on Steam on 28 December 2018, the game genre is Free to Play, Indie, Action and Casual. Mobile Wars X is a retro, shooting game where you can select from three different Mobile X.


Mobile Wars X is a shooter game to fight against an alien invasion. In each map there is a horde of enemy, a semi-boss and at the end of the map there is a lethal boss to defeat. Your goal is to fight and defend the planet from destruction. Play the game to achieve a new record and get the highest one in the history.


The Control of this game is easy, movement up, down, left, and right, shift to pull, press e to bomb, and space-bar to shoot. You can pick any Mobile X that you want, there is a fast ship that had the capabilities of tracking missiles, a robot with advanced ninja weapons and a ship that can fire special laser attacks. The ball, bubbles are a bonus that drop from enemy so don't confuse them as an attack, you can hold shift to pull them towards you.

Difficulty 9.5/10

The game had the most difficulties I have seen, it didn't even let me defeat a semi-boss.  I think the negative thing in this game is the health bar is not enough. I was easily defeated by the enemies with just a small range of attacks. I had only four bars of health in which each is gone when get a hit from the enemy. And by the time I get into the semi-boss, his red sharp tracking missile defeated me. The only strategy I can think of is to defeat enemies as fast as possible before their attacks swarming me.

My own rating for this game is personal, it is 7/10. You will need at least 37mb disk space required to play this game.

Mobile Wars X